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The West Coast has just experienced its first start up Specialty Chemical Distributor in many years. *Essential Materials, Inc*., is a recently formed specialty chemicals distributor, incorporated in California to service the West Coast territory of the U.S.

Founded in early 2018, the executive staff of Essential Materials consists of Catherine Grant, President, and Brian Maietta, Supplier Relations Director. Catherine comes from a third-generation distribution company run on the East Coast with over fifty years of distribution and business management expertise. Brian who has ten years of experience in manufacturing, brings that experience to the company as well. This helps form a unique business model for this minority owned business.

It was Mrs. Grant who recognized the need for a specialty chemical distributor who would focus on a limited number of lines for its Principals. So many distributorships have been sold, merged, or incorporated into much larger organizations which has created this opportunity for focus and intimacy that cannot be achieved with super large organizations. *Essential Materials, Inc*. is already partnered with Thiele Kaolin Clay of Sandersville, Georgia, covering a number of process industries for their broad Kaolin Line. Catherine states that *Essential Materials*message is simple: “We cover ten states with a planned ten Principals”. “Our core values hit the needs of customers who look for local stock of raw materials, expertise in product lines, and personal relationships.”

Essential Materials, Inc. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 Phone: (949) 200-9064 Mobile: (949) 500-5818